Basic Concerns

Using my phone number

  • Use Appstore or Google Play to download SeanetVoice App
  • Choose option “Create account”
  • Choose the flag of your country and enter your phone number as it is
  • An SMS with the activation code in a few seconds to reach your mobile
  • Enter the activation code and start enjoying SeanetVoice


Using my e-mail

  • Choose the option “Use my e-mail to register”
  • Create a username and password
  • You will receive an activation link in your email
  • Add your phone number in the section “My profile” of your SeanetVoice App , and communicate for free

The SMS could not reach. In some countries, mobile telephony has restrictions. If this is your case, do the following: Confirm if your number is correct

  • Click in the new message
  • Prepare something to write. In a few seconds you will receive a call with the code in English

Go to contacts; profile icon and select person using SeanetVoice. Click SeanetVoice. Contact to view all users. Select call or video call.  Any option is free for you

You can call SeanetVoice users for Free. Any fixed or mobile number in the world that does not have SeanetVoice, with the lowest rates in the market.

  1. Deactivation – removing your number from our servers and losing any amount of money saved on your account.

  2. Deinstallation – your number remains on our servers. You can remove an old SeanetVoice version and install a new one without losing your data.

You don’t have to add friends to SeanetVoice contact list. That option is available, but SeanetVoice list is automatically integrated with list on your phone

Go to profile icon and choose invite friends. Choose the option that you like to invite your friends

Go to profile icon and choose Settings. Enable or disable Voicemail: On / Off. Set your e-mail address to receive messages with recordings as MP3 files. Record your greetin

Rates & Balance

SeanetVoice no restrictions, also is designed to call any landline OR mobile destination worldwide. Just follow the easy step below:

  • Go to contact profile icon .., click on your friend’s name
  • You will see the rates for calling and messaging
  • Go to profile icon
  • Click on Accounts
  • You will see your account balance
  • Go to:
  • Login with your SeaChat username and Password
    1. Click on Account
    2. Under Account, click on Top Up and scroll down to Transfer
    3. Click on Transfer Money – A diabox will open
    4. Enter the amount you want to transfer – Enter the user name/mobile number of the account you want to transfer to
  • Click Process – You should see “The amount has been properly transferred”
  • Go to phone SeanetVoice App
  • Click on dial pad SeanetVoice App
  • Dial a number and the price would show underneath
  • Go to profile icon
  • Select Accounts
  • And select Rate

It is for FREE! All over the world


  • Go to profile icon
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on Top up

Go to: Login with your SeaChat username and Password

  • Click on Account
  • Under Account, click on Top Up and scroll down to Top Up
  • Click on any of the Top Up options

Call Options

  • You’re talking with John – press SeanetVoice app
  • Choose from your contact list
  • Connect your calls
  • Enjoy talking together
  • Each participant can add a new friend
  • You’re talking with John
  • Now Jack is calling – answer the phone
  • Choose person you want to talk to – press his/her picture
  • You can also make conference
  • Enjoy talking together
  • You’re talking with John – press SeanetVoice App
  • Choose person you want transfer a call to
  • Choose Free if he/she uses SeanetVoice
  • Now only they are talking

Did You Know?

  • Go to profile icon
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Select Set Password
  • Enter your new password and confirm


In SeaChat portal

  • Click Here
  • Click on “Reset Password”
  • Enter your e-mail, SeanetVoice ID or telephone number as it is
  • In a few second will receive in your e-mail a link to reset your password safely

Having a public ID and password means you can use the same account on multiple devices. If the registration process was completed using a phone number, it is always possible to set a password and start using an app on various devices – laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.

  • There are two ways to create a user (SeaChat ID) and password:
  • Sign-up with “phone number” OR “user name and password “, when you register in SeaChat for the first time